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Anderson – Antique Walk

Product Description: Rustic and distressed, this enCore™ hickory floor looks as if it might have been in an ancient barn… or even a long-closed factory. But Antique Walk’s patina has such sophistication and elegance, it takes rustic to a new level. Antique Walk looks like the skip-sawn timber of a century ago—crafted for years of use and aging handsomely over time. It goes anywhere—traditional or contemporary—with incredible style.

Additional Information: Species: Hickory  /  Thickness: 3/8"  /  Width: 6-3/8"  /  Finish: Distressed  /  Floor Type: enCore (TM)

Anderson – Casitablanca

Product Description: Skilled artisans masterfully craft each board to be a unique work of art, for no two are identical. Our craftsmen continue the master’s art of finding the beauty in this exotic species, then bringing that beauty to light.

Additional Information: Species: Spanish Hickory  /  Thickness: 3/8"  /  Width: 5"  /  Finish: Handcrafted  /  Edge Profile: Bevel

CHÊNE Collection

Product Description: Chene by Urban Floor is a collection of european oak hardwood flooring. Wire brushed by hand, this wide plank engineered hardwood flooring collection will transform your living quarters into a luxury villa.

Additional Information: Species: European Oak  /  Finish: Lacquered, Wire Brushed  /  Width: 7.5"  /  Length: Random  /  Thickness: 1/2"  /  Install Type: Float, Glue, Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 34.35

Composer Collection

Product Description: Urban Floor’s Composer Collection captures the look and feel of reclaimed hardwood floors, enhanced with the performance of engineered flooring. The brushed grain surface treatment features a mix of filled and unfilled knots, natural splits, mineral streaks and bowtie inlays, capturing the rich, timeless beauty of historic colonial estates. The ultra wide and extra long planks provide both the stability and fine craftsmanship that will transform an ordinary house into your dream home. The Composer Collection is the perfect balance between the artistry of yesterday and the innovation of today!

Additional Information: Species: Oak  /  Finish: Blasted, UV-Oiled  /  Width: 7.5" or 11.5"  /  Length: Random  /  Thickness: 5/8"  /  Install Type: Float, Glue, Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 22.32 or 26.59

Royal Court Collection

Product Description: Capture the luxury and elegance of a sovereign’s palace with our new Royal Court random-width hardwood flooring Collection. Whether you are looking to add style and charm, artistic character, or a sense of timeless majesty, Royal Court can revitalize the look, feel and mood of any room in your house. Our extravagant, eye-catching Royal Court Collection comes with a lifetime structural warranty and does not require a king or queen’s fortune. Instead, when you choose from our wide range of stunning selections, you get pre-finished engineered hardwood floors that instantly elevate the value of your home environment.

Additional Information: Species: Birch  /  Finish: Handscraped  /  Width: 3, 5, 6.5"  /  Length: Random  /  Thickness: 3/8"  /  Install Type: Float, Glue, Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 33.47

Shaw Hardwoods - Castlewood Oak

Product Description: The Castlewood collection has an abundance of the natural charm that makes wood floors so desirable. Creating its stunning character are stylish 7 1/2″ widths, extremely handsome linear graining, and sawn face veneers that closely resemble solid hardwood. Castlewood’s colors are visually rich – with the beautiful knots, mineral streaks, and natural splits seen in heirloom woods. Heightening its appeal is a very low-gloss finish, which calls to mind vintage European oil-rubbed floors.

Additional Information: Species: White Oak  /  Finish: Durashield  /  Width: 7.5"  /  Length: Random  /  Install Type: Float, Glue, Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 31.09

Shaw Hardwoods - Lucky Day 3.25

Product Description: Lucky Day is an assortment of smooth, solid hickory styling where we’ve showcased the natural wood characteristics – like knots and mineral streaks – and used a satin finish to accentuate the wood’s inherent beauty. The color line is phenomenal – ranging from the rustic natural to the dark and richly stained. The lightest color is light and translucent, creating a beautifully authentic visual that shows all the natural characteristics of the wood. The medium to darker stain colors hide some of the rustic qualities, looking more formal and elegant. These three stain colors are our most proven winners – the biggest sellers in our highest-end hickory products. Lucky Day truly offers something for all tastes, casual or sophisticated.

Additional Information: Species: Hickory /  Finish: Scufresist  /  Width: 3.25"  /  Length: Random  /  Install Type: Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 27.00

Shaw Hardwoods - Nantucket 4

Product Description: Nantucket maple evokes a feeling of lazy afternoons spent on a vintage wooden yacht. The velvety-smooth planks come in beautiful colors that transform your space into a relaxed private retreat. Featured in five bold, crisp colors and available in three widths.

Additional Information: Species: Maple  /  Finish: Scufresist Platinum  /  Width: 4"  /  Length: Random  /  Install Type: Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 26.66

Urban Lifestyle Chiseled Edge Collection

Product Description: Each plank is hand-sculpted, one at a time, to create unique custom flooring of timeless originality and distinction. Unlike most of today’s machine-distressed flooring, no two planks are alike and each bears the signature if the proud craftsman who created it. These planks will add heritage and ancient history to your home.

Additional Information: Species: Birch, Hickory, Maple, Walnut  /  Finish: Heavyscraped  /  Width: 5"  /  Length: Random  /  Thickness: 9/16"  /  Install Type: Float, Glue, Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 23

Urban Lifestyle Downtown Collection

Product Description: Discover 5 different series in this collection. Choose from the refined, smooth, contemporary finish of the “Exotic Series” to the more traditional, time worn distressing of the “Handscraped Series.” The “Imperial Series” offers a French bleed that highlights the random length planking. The family friendly “Chiseled Edge Series” with heavier hand distressing and edge treatment. The “Downtown Series” offers a unique visual appeal with a wide blend of rich colors and unusual grain pattern that will add beauty and sophistication to any home.

Additional Information: Species: Acacia  /  Finish: Handscraped, Smooth  /  Width: 5″ NOMINAL (4 7/8″)  /  Length: Random  /  Thickness: 1/2"  /  Install Type: Float, Glue, Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 33.1

Villa Caprisi Collection

Product Description: Villa Caprisi is inspired by the world renowned Italian design and flair. Ultra wide and Extra long, this distinctive collection is offered in a Brushed, European white oak. Whether in the Handground or Smooth texture, Stained or Smoked Finish, every piece is crafted by hand, creating a totally unique look with no repetition from plank to plank. Each Villa Caprisi floor is truly…..ONE OF A KIND.

Additional Information: Species: European White Oak  /  Finish: Lacquered, Wire brushed  /  Width: 9.5"  /  Length: Random  /  Thickness: 5/8"  /  Install Type: Float, Glue, Nail/Staple  /  Sq Ft/Box: 34.11

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